📰 #FakeNews Hack

The only thing worse than Fake News is having to pay for it. But we have to stay informed, right? Because we’re not like them. We don’t Poe ourselves (as in Edgar Allen) into a prison of our own making. We can adult. We can consume a wide variety of news without getting triggered. In fact, we enjoy it. We even require it, because American citizenship isn’t for sissies. It’s advanced citizenship. Your Liberty must be defended with sharp sword, and you’ll go through life dull, drunk and stupid if you don’t challenge your assumptions regularly, don’t fact-check, don’t know what the freaks in the freak show are up to every day. You may even believe this bullsh*t.

So here’s a hack to get behind WaPo’s paywall. You’ll notice in the first half of my little video, the tick-box on the settings is NOT checked. When not checked, you’re locked out, paywall is up.

When you go back and tick the tick-box for using the reader view, POOF! The article drops in.

Just think of it as sticking it to the maaaan, maaaaaaaaaan.

Enjoy. 😈

UPDATE ~ File Under: Not Crazy

UPDATE Friday, March 1, 2019: Well, well well. What do we have here

(Original Post)

2016 Presidential Election Map

February 28, 2019

Is a Second Civil War Coming?

By Jeff Lukens


The Left’s reach is broad.  Leftists have been able to take over schools and indoctrinate our young people.  They have taken over nearly all the news and entertainment media.  The conservative side, conversely, has lost in these areas because it never fights back with the ruthlessness of the Left. 

Lawlessness is now reaching across the United States, which the news almost totally ignores.  The same networks that spent two years with wall-to-wall coverage to push the Russia collusion hoax are now refusing to report the documented attempt to remove our duly elected president by means of a Deep State silent coup.

This is not crazy.

I’ve recommended American Thinker to you on more than one occasion and here’s another example why. The writing is cogent, thoughtful, not hysterical. Yes, the idea of another Civil War in America may sound hysterical on its face but a cool, clinical look at the facts & forces operating on the ground will lead you to at least consider the possibility – if not the probability.

I am not willing to concede probability – yet – but…

It’s not crazy.

You can read the entire article here.

🍃 Ancestry Update!

Holy cannoli! Or should I say: “Blimey! That’s quite a lot of Englishmen!”

So, when we last met, I had told you that my bloodlines had finally been established. Well, my goodness! Once you start digging into things you find ALL KINDS of surprises! Good AND bad and ALL VERY ENTERTAINING! SO entertaining, in fact, that Michael started digging into HIS family tree and you know what that carpetbagger from California has done?

Got himself not one, not two, not three, but FOUR TICKETS TO THE MAYFLOWER. That boy’s more Massachusetts THAN I AM! LOL!

LITERALLY outside our window is a piece of land named after one of his direct ancestors. Down the street is another one. He has ancestors in Scituate. He’s EVERYWHERE. And MOST of them are DIRECT ancestors, meaning parent to child parent to child parent to child, etc. (As opposed to it being like a 12th cousin 20 times removed. Like that.)

I cannot even tell you what this all means to me. Just as a mother. For my girls. For their heritage, their legacy. I’m going to do all the paperwork for Mike so he’s registered at the General Society for Mayflower Descendants (which requires the direct relationship I just described) and part of the membership is that they keep your records in perpetuity, so my girls will have a kind of permanence to hand down generation after generation long after we have gone, in a way I scarcely could have imagined just two months ago.

My mother and father are my real family. But I have blood & soil I can trace now, and that satisfies a need in me I didn’t even know I had. I cannot tell you what it means to me to see the occupations, tendencies, travels of my forebears. A lot of it makes sense, God bless them. LOL. “That explains a lot!” has been a phrase uttered around my house with a sarcastic chuckle more than once these last few weeks! I promise to fill in more once we’ve got things nailed down better, but for now just know… Gosh… THAT EXPLAINS A LOT! LOL!

Birth Parents FOUND

“Peg” Margaret (Brown) Ceci & James Carter Megeath

It only took 53 years!

LOTS to tell, and hoooooooo-boy! Is it a TALE! But suffice it to say the Megeath half of the equation, which just showed up in 23andMe a few weeks ago (I knew about Peg years & years ago), produced a HALF-SISTER which shocked the HELL out of BOTH of us and happily, we get on just fine! NEITHER of us having ever had a sister before, this is pretty weird, and we’re both treating it like fire, with healthy respect and the full knowledge that this can either be a source of warmth or a terrible conflagration, so we’re being very slow and cautious and thoughtful about all of this, with no expectations whatsoever, just patience to let it play out organically, but my goodness… what a few weeks!

So here they are, the passionate couple! They are both long dead, so it’s ok to tease a bit 😉

I told Dad all about it and he was blown away! We had a lot of laughs about it, mostly because I was calling him Studly McStudFace… I mean… You gotta laugh about this. Wait until you hear Megeath & his bride lived 2 miles away from my parents for 4 years… Oh yeah. And how my half-sister and I were both baptized at the same church and they all probably went to church together. This thing is a bad after school movie, honest-to-God! I promise to fill in later. For now, however, know that it appears he never knew about me, and the Megeaths and the Mortons never met, so far as we know, but good grief!

🕵🏼‍♂️ #SpyGate Part IV ~ Jeff Carlson’s Infographic

Most #SpyGate graphics are just visual noise to me. This one isn’t. It’s brilliant, by one of the best writers on the subject, Jeff Carlson, writing for The Epoch Times, who has done a masterful job breaking down the players & their roles in the scandal of scandals. I cannot recommend it highly enough. (I recommended Jeff to you in my previous #SpyGate post. You can find it here.)

If I were you, I’d keep it handy, either via bookmark, or icon or on your desktop, or something, so as the story unfolds you can reference it. Lotta moving parts in this, so it can get hard to keep track of who’s who.


👁👁 NOTE: Clicking the image will take you to a page where you can click on it again and really zoom in.